Real estate is not only one of the most significant components of our economy, it also directly influences how we live, work, shop and play. As a top-tier real estate school, Runstad provides the competitive edge students need to succeed in the complex world of real estate.

If you’re thinking about a professional career in real estate, or if you aspire to achieve new heights within our industry, think Runstad


    Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low Income Housing Challenge

    A UW Runstad Center sponsored student team competed in the BAML Affordable Housing Challenge Finals in San Francisco for third year in a row on May 12th. The team included four Runstad MSRE students, two MArch students and one Evans […]

  • seattle20apartment

    The Condo Condundrum

    It’s no secret that the condo shortage in Seattle drives prices up.  Peter Orser was recently quoted in two articles in the Seattle Times and Puget Sound Business Journal related to the condo market and the Runstad Center’s upcoming condo […]

  • ballardapts

    How do zoning laws affect affordable housing?

    How do we make city housing more affordable?  Peter Orser was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal discussing just that.  Every city has an affordable housing issue, but how do we begin to fix it?  Read the article here

  • photo_FridayHarbor

    Innovative affordable housing solutions in Friday Harbor

    The New York Times recently mentioned the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies in an article about Friday Harbor and how with the help of San Juan Community HomeTrust, they are finding solutions to affordable housing in the most expensive […]

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Orser, Peter 2011

It has already been slightly more than 4 months since I accepted the position of Director of the Runstad Center.  In my first communique I focused on four strategic opportunities where we would focus our efforts to further strengthen the Center which has become a major contender in the world of national Real Estate Academic programs.

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Advisory Board Chair

ADL Picture - 6.10

Anne DeVoe Lawler is a commercial real estate attorney with, and a Co-Managing Member of, Jameson Babbitt Stites & Lombard, PLLC in Seattle. Her practice…

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Sam Gordon is the 2016-17 MSRE Student Representative on the Board, MSRE Student Council Chair and Real Estate Club Co-Chair. I graduated from the University of…

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Alvaro Jimenez graduated in Spring 2013 with his Master of Science in Real Estate degree. Previous to attending the University of Washington, Alvaro worked as…