The diversity of real estate means that there is a career for anyone in the sector. The key is determining what job function and role best suits you. Landing that first post-degree job is a critical concern and one that the department devotes considerable time and attention to supporting. We provide students with a variety of resources to help them develop their network within the industry. This will help, not just in finding employment, but enhancing the skill sets obtained in the classroom. Students receive individual coaching as well as internship and job placement support.

Professional mentors work with first year students in small groups to expose them to projects and companies, and to help them establish connections and network. The Advisory Board is also heavily involved with these efforts, serving as board mentors to second year students, reviewing their job “pitch” and providing career guidance. Each MSRE student is required to obtain an internship, unless they are already working in the industry. The department works with local, regional, national and international firms to place our students in meaningful internship positions.

Students are encouraged to become members of industry organizations, to attend industry functions, including “young leader” programs, and to take advantage of the mentoring programs offered by these organizations. Many local companies regularly contact the department with job announcements and internship opportunities, and the MSRE alumni network is an increasingly powerful resource for students. Our alumni are represented across the full range of job functions in real estate and the private and public sector.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the point of contact between the real estate industry and the Department. It also connects students and faculty with the industry through a variety of means including internships, career placement support, convening of industry and community stakeholders, and special programs such as the Affiliate Fellows Program.

Support for students and faculty is a priority of the Advisory Board. Board members are actively engaged in raising funds for scholarships and fellowships. Board giving allows students to attend national conferences of real estate organizations around the country.