Barbara Swift

Founder & Landscape Architect



Barbara Swift is the founder of Swift Company LLC, and has built a practice that focuses on design responsive to the circumstances and specific patterns of a place. Barbara’s approach presumes that the development and use of the environment should involve all aspects of a culture and, where valid, should avoid single-use solutions. Barbara has consistently pressed for solutions and explorations that result in wholly innovative strategies – all of which are connected to their specific place. The result is a diverse practice with work ranging from land and ecological restoration to urban design and artist collaboration.

In addition to building a landscape architecture/urban design practice, Barbara has been consistently active in the Northwest community including lecturing, teaching, writing, serving on boards and commissions, and offering internships and mentoring through Swift Company. She was instrumental in establishing City Design, a Seattle city agency focused on urban design and the built environment. Her leadership has been acknowledged in one of a series of articles in the Seattle Times called, “Looking for Leaders.” Barbara’s work has resulted in an artist residency focusing on the interaction of the senses, and more recently, the development of a building cladding system which increases evapotranspiration and grows vegetation at the European Ceramic Work Centre in the Netherlands.