Shannon Loew

Founder, FIX



Shannon Loew is the founder of FIX, a mission-driven real estate design company founded in 2008 that solves social, environmental and economic challenges with place-based solutions. Shannon believes real estate is our most effective tool to create win-win solutions in growing communities. He’s devoted his career to an integrated approach, combining financial analysis, architectural design and human-centered research methods that create fiscally viable and technically feasible solutions steeped in compelling narratives that bridge gaps between users, investors and policy. Shannon holds a Master of Architecture from Harvard, a bachelors in environmental design from Vassar College and professional degree in filmmaking from NYU. He is a licensed architect and LEED certified. He has worked at IDEO and with award winning designers on a range of issues from retail to mineral resource extraction. Prior to his career in real estate, Shannon wrote marketing strategy for seven years in NYC, California and South Africa on a diverse set of industries including technology and packaged goods. Shannon lives in Seattle where he Chairs the Seattle Design Commission, volunteers as a Big Brother and with Cascade Bicycle Club as an advocate for sustainable communities.