Master of Science in Real Estate


Runstad’s consummate real estate studies programĀ 
The Master of Science in Real Estate degree (MSRE) is rigorous, combining learning comprehensive business management skills with understanding of how real estate markets work and how the three-dimensional place-bound attributes of real estate products affects their performance.

The overarching focus of these three, interdisciplinary areas of study is on how the behaviors of decision makers involved in real estate investment and development affect desired outcomes.

An interdisciplinary approach applicable for long-term success
MSRE provides students with superior knowledge, integral leadership skills and invaluable tools to accomplish both long-term incremental career goals and cutting-edge leaps forward in their chosen profession.

In order to truly appreciate the differences between real estate markets compared to other financial markets, we need to examine the following forces at work:

  • The interaction between supply and demand in complex spatial markets
  • The financial forces in increasingly international capital markets

The limits imposed by the place-bound, three-dimensional physical characteristics of real estate have put a premium on understanding behaviors of people involved in creating and managing real estate projects.

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2 years | 72 credits
Develop the skill set necessary to be successful in building a career in commercial real estate:

  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Practical Application
  • Problem-solving
  • Interdisciplinary studies