Master of Science in Real Estate Admissions


Develop leadership skills in a demanding and comprehensive program where critical thinking and practical application are integral to ensuring success in the highly-complex world of real estate. 


Interested in a career in commercial real estate? Join us on Feb 21st to learn about our graduate real estate program.

Downtown Seattle
520 Pike 12th Floor Conference Room
5:30-7:00 pm
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The MSRE degree can be earned in 18 months (5 quarters) on a full-time basis or in 36 months (9 quarters) on a part-time basis.  The curriculum is taught two afternoons a week and in the evening so that even full-time students can work at least part-time while they study.  The curriculum provides basic knowledge, core skills, and advanced understanding necessary for graduates to assume positions of leadership in the real estate industry of tomorrow. Learning leadership skills is integral to everything our students do throughout their time in the program. The objective is to develop graduates who solve sustainable, market-based real estate problems, optimizing scarce resources to achieve balanced public benefit and private financial gain. Interdisciplinary study provides understanding of techniques and tools used in a broad range of fields essential to real estate, enabling graduates to lead collaborative efforts to solve the complex problems in creating sustainable urban environments.

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