• Collaborative Power: Transforming our Future Public Realm

    07 Sep, 2017

    As our city and region grow our public spaces and infrastructure are increasingly tasked to provide expanded benefits and be places people love. This challenge demands collaborative tools and compelling vision. Panelists will discuss lessons learned and how they apply to our region from the 2016 UW Runstad Fellows’ study of Auckland, NZ and the […] More

  • 1st Quarter Housing Market Report released

    18 May, 2017

    Washington state’s housing prices have increased 12.1% compared to the first quarter last year, according to a new report from the Washington Center for Real Estate Research here at the Runstad Center. The Center’s findings were discussed further with UW Today. Here’s a preview of the data, in our snapshot for Q1 2017.  The full report can […] More

  • Development that Empowers – Designing Density in Seattle for the Next 100 Years

    02 May, 2017

    The Runstad Center Affiliate Fellows Program is designed to spark new thinking through unconventional, interdisciplinary collaboration and to engage a broad audience in a research topic within the rubric of sustainability. We pair Runstad Center graduate students with emerging industry thought leaders and College of Built Environments faculty for a year-long program of research and […] More

  • A land of homeownership

    12 Apr, 2017

    Our series of posts on the Runstad Fellows trip to Australia continues today from the Shannon Loew.   March 15, 2017 [Update to my previous post re: Millers Point social housing evictions. After speaking with planners at the city, I learned that the state of NSW had reinvested much of the proceeds from selling off those […] More

  • Creative solutions for a non profit in Sydney

    04 Apr, 2017

    Our series of posts continues from Sydney…today Shannon Loew shares his experience volunteering there and the unique real estate vision from the non profit Our Big Kitchen… I volunteered today at a soup kitchen run by an exciting Jewish organization called, Our Big Kitchen (OBK, as they call it), founded by a Rabbi Mordi Slaven. Unlike […] More

  • Livable connections in Sydney

    30 Mar, 2017

    Today Runstad Fellow Rachel Berney talks about how the transportation systems and the public spaces in Sydney … I came to Sydney with no printed map. Thinking to save on space and weight, I had downloaded guidebooks onto the Surface borrowed from UDP for our trip. Despite this, I think that I am and we are […] More

  • Exploring Sydney

    29 Mar, 2017

    Today we continue our series from the Runstad Affiliate Fellows who traveled to Australia in March to study the development growth patterns of Sydney and Melbourne. Read more about their research topic here. Monday March 13, 2017 Today was a day of contrasts in Sydney.  I took the bike on the passenger ferry for a scenic commute […] More

  • The Runstad Center Affiliate Fellows land in Sydney

    20 Mar, 2017

    Our Runstad Center Affiliate Fellows have landed in Sydney, Australia! The following is the first of a series of posts from the Fellows. Shannon Loew shares his first impressions after arriving down under a few days ago… Hello from Sydney, Australia. We are grateful to the Runstad Center for their support of our research on equity […] More

  • Financial and macro-economic factors in global real estate markets

    02 Feb, 2017

    The last three decades have seen increased integration across global stock markets. New research from the Runstad Center of Real Estate Studies at the University of Washington has examined what factors drive international integration across public real estate markets. The research has implications for fund managers as increased integration can have a negative impact upon […] More