Darr, McKenzie

McKenzie Darr

McKenzie is pursuing concurrent master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Real Estate. She is interested in corporate real estate; office design and development; and how office space relates to employee productivity, attraction, and retention.

Originally from Santa Clara, California, McKenzie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Santa Clara University in 2015 with a BS in Psychology and Ethnic Studies. She was on the Dean’s Honor Roll every year and was initiated into numerous Honors Societies, including Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Sigma Nu. During her undergraduate career, she worked for the City of Santa Clara Building Inspection Division, where she was in charge of building and housing violation follow-up. In the summer of 2016, She worked for the City of Santa Clara Planning Division, acting as project planner for nearly 75 projects, presenting at public meetings, and reviewing applications for architectural approval, variances, use permits, and amendments to previously approved projects. While working for the city, she streamlined municipal procedures for efficiency and effectiveness while becoming familiar with municipal code and the regulatory framework within which development occurs. She is interested in the entitlement process and the effectiveness of planning policies.

Over time, she also become more interested in applying planning principles – strategic, long-term vision; focus on the resident or occupant; and multi-faceted approaches to compromise and problem solving – to office space. Her thesis for Urban Planning relates to how office space can be designed with the health of occupants as one of the foremost design criteria, within practical financial constraints. She is hoping to pursue a career in corporate real estate.