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Real Estate Major

Real estate is core to both our society and economic well-being. Real estate professionals serve a central role in the development of the built environment from deciding what will be developed and how it will be funded to leasing and managing real property. The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Real Estate is designed to provide students with a comprehensive exposure to the field of real estate. It will prepare students for careers in real estate finance, asset management, brokerage, urban and real estate development, or housing among many other potential career paths.

The Real Estate Major requires the completion of 50 credits of approved courses. This includes 30 credit hours of core real estate courses,and a total of 20 credits of interdisciplinary electives.

To declare the Real Estate Major, complete RE 250: Introduction to Real Estate with a minimum grade of 2.0. RE 250 is offered every quarter and students are required to complete the course before they can declare the major. It is also a prerequisite for most other real estate courses.

Core real estate courses

The 30 credit hours of core real estate courses include Introduction to Real Estate (RE 250) and 5 other required real estate courses (RE 361, RE 411, RE 416, RE 465, and RE 480). Students may choose any of the other real estate courses for the remaining 12 credits.

Interdisciplinary electives

The 20 credits of interdisciplinary electives are broken in three categories:

  • 10 credit hours of analytical courses to develop strong data management, analysis, and visualization skills
  • 5 credit hours of built environment courses to be exposed to the context in which real estate takes place
  • 5 credit hours of business skills courses to be introduced to some of the key communication, management, and organizational skills needed to be a successful professional.

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Declare the Major

Contact a real estate academic advisor to discuss your intent to declare the major at Students need to have completed RE 250 with a minimum 2.0 grade and must be in good standing with the University in order to declare the major. Students who meet these requirements may declare the major at any time by contacting to submit the Change of Major form with an effective date of Winter 2021. The department also offers a real estate minor. You can contact an advisor to discuss the minor at


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