Decision Commons


Our region – like so many in the United States – faces tough choices. Costs for implementing public policy decisions are rising due to increasingly complex issues, cumbersome decision-making processes, and poorly communicated choices. Decision Commons will provide a
powerful new tool to support more effective planning and policy for the sustainable development of our cities and regions – places that promote human prosperity and ecological balance. In light of many pressing economic and environmental issues, robust tools like
Decision Commons need to be deployed as quickly as possible.

What is Decision Commons?

Decision Commons is a new approach to integrating off-the-shelf technology that will allow participants to visually explore the economic and environmental implications of policies and alternative futures. This will facilitate better land use, real estate development, and infrastructure decisions from the local and the regional level.

The primary purpose of Decision Commons is to strengthen our understanding of the:

  • connections between policies and the physical form of our cities
  • interactions between public and private decision making
  • comparison of future land use and development scenarios
  • visual character of our communities
  • environmental and economic implication of growth


    HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant

    Quality Growth Alliance

    Seattle Chamber of Commerce

    Microsoft Corporation

    City of Seattle

    Parsons Brinckerhoff


    University of Washington Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies