Alvaro Jimenez



Alvaro Jimenez graduated in Spring 2013 with his Master of Science in Real Estate degree. Previous to attending the University of Washington, Alvaro worked as a Corporate Banking Assistant and as a Commercial Banking Assistant at Banco Sabadell London.

He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. While at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Alvaro was in the Economics Honors Program, where he also served as students’ representative. Alvaro did his third year of the Bachelor’s of Science in Economics at the University of California Los Angeles.

Alvaro was awarded the Fundacion Caja Madrid Scholarship for Graduate Studies in recognition of his remarkable achievements. There were thirteen spots for economic related fields, among 1700+ participants overall. He also received the Economics Honors Program Award for the best Dissertation Project, titled “Understanding Economic Bubbles.”

Alvaro is professionally interested in the fields of Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Development, both for commercial and residential projects, with a special interest in sustainability. His international experience shows after having lived in a variety of countries for some years, and is interested in national and international opportunities for professional career development.