Inge Falk Van Rooyen



Inge is a physician with 20 years’ experience in medicine on three different continents. She joined her first year colleagues at the MSRE program choosing a focus on financial analysis, investing and entrepreneurial interests.

She has invested, managed and created financial plans for single family investment properties for over 14 years.

Currently she is interested in corporate real estate, considering the impact of tenant space on corporate productivity.  Furthermore, she is reviewing options to adapt homes for the elderly, to ensure their longevity and mental health, as they age, to meet the growing need for housing, which is not permitted through retirement communities, nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities.

She is adept at multitasking, as well as reviewing a breadth of information to make it simple to understand.

Outside interests are related to building large puzzles, playing the piano and making a life that is filled with joy for her little girl.

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