What difference is Runstad making in the world right now?

The Runstad Center is home to a network of world-class faculty, visiting professionals, industry leaders, and students, creating an engaging learning community. By sharing expertise, support and insight, new industry innovations are all in a day’s work.

The impact of the Runstad Center is felt well beyond the traditional classroom. Runstad consistently makes strides to pay extraordinary attention to the pace of real estate development in Seattle, particularly as it relates to the issues of equity and quality of life.

Recent Projects

  • Central Puget Sound Real Estate Research Committee

    The Central Puget Sound Real Estate Research Committee is a non-profit organization. Its sole purpose is to provide current real estate market information through its publication ... More

  • Decision Commons

    A new approach integrating off-the-shelf technology that allows participants to visually explore the economic and environmental implications of policies and alternative futures. It will facilitate bet... More