Think Runstad


Real estate education the Runstad way

The combination of an interdisciplinary approach to learning at a premier research university mixed with a local real estate climate that is considered one of the hottest and fastest-growing in the nation provides students with a unique real estate education, growing fundamental skills that will contribute productively and immediately to their chosen profession.

Simply put, Runstad is a real estate school with an edge. Learn more about our programs.

Engaged real estate industry professionals as collaborators

Students benefit from internships and other educational opportunities with seasoned industry innovators who, as professionals, see the value in mentoring the next generation of real estate leaders in a hands-on and collaborative way. Students, in turn, cultivate an appreciation for the tools, expertise, and perspectives needed to address real estate issues in a manner that creates lasting value. Learn more about our students.

This ongoing collaboration between industry professionals and faculty experts results in a state-of-the-art curriculum that blends theory and practice. Students gain Runstad Center credentials, professional qualifications, and knowledge and skills immediately applicable on the job. Learn more about Runstad’s Advisory Board and Faculty.

The research experience

The Runstad Center takes pride in carrying out research projects that focus on major issues, challenges and opportunities the real estate industry faces and remains committed to an academically rigorous research agenda and presenting an unbiased perspective that models the spirit of discovery heralded by the University of Washington, one of the nation’s premier public research institutions. Learn more about the University of Washington and the Washington Center for Real Estate Research.

Seattle as a classroom

Named runner-up best city in Bloomberg Business Week’s “America’s 50 Greatest Cities” 2012 survey, Seattle isn’t just the proud and beautiful home of clean air, coffee and computers, but one of the top real estate markets in the United States and is the most vital of a number of fast-growing markets within the Northwest.

The city acts as a classroom, and combined with the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders, provides the perfect environment for Runstad students to become multi-faceted professionals who look beyond today’s trends and recognize the big picture elements vital to the real estate industry of the future. Learn more about Seattle and Washington State.