Learn the fundamentals of real estate and build leadership skills through the core curriculum including courses in: Finance and Investment, Real Estate Economics/Market Analysis, Appraisal, Law, Financial Modeling, Leadership, Negotiations, and Sustainability.


Runstad’s elective courses take students deeper into the critical areas of the real estate industry. Students will be exposed to project management, market analysis and personal assessment.

Interdisciplinary Electives

These courses are considered quintessential learning labs that will immerse students in relevant and specialized multi-faceted areas of real estate. Students will hone and apply their skills developed in both the Core and Elective course areas as well as fine tune new proficiencies.

Real Estate Option: Corporate

This Option is a first of its kind opportunity to earn a graduate degree in a field with burgeoning employment growth — large corporations such as Boeing, Starbucks, and Microsoft, as well as many banks, health care institutions and others now outsource their real estate management functions.

Real Estate Option: Development

Students in this option study deal structures, private project finance, public/private partnerships, taxation and tax incentives, feasibility analysis, project management, entitlement process, and risk mitigation

Real Estate Option: Finance & Investment

Alternative real estate financing and investment vehicles, deal structures, capital markets, securitization of real estate assets, portfolio theory and asset management are just a few of the study topics covered in this option.