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  • Collaborative Power: Transforming our Future Public Realm

    07 Sep, 2017

    As our city and region grow our public spaces and infrastructure are increasingly tasked to provide expanded benefits and be places people love. This challenge demands collaborative tools and compelling vision. Panelists will discuss lessons learned and how they apply to our region from the 2016 UW Runstad Fellows’ study of Auckland, NZ and the […] More

  • Invaluable experience outside the classroom

    08 Jun, 2017

    We continue our posts on the recent Bank of America Low Income Housing Challenge that a team of College of Built Environments students participated in last month.  This reflection is written by McKenzie Darr, MSRE/MUP Candidate 2017. 2017 was the fourth year that the University of Washington competed in the Bank of America Low-Income Housing […] More

  • The Bank of America Affordable Housing Challenge

    05 Jun, 2017

      Last month a team of Real Estate, Urban Planning, and Architecture students competed in the annual Bank of America Merrill Lynch Affordable Housing Challenge in San Francisco.  These students were part of our Affordable Housing & Real Estate Development course lead by Faculty members Al Levine and Sarah Lewontin.  One of the team members, MSRE […] More

  • In Memoriam: Glen Crellin

    24 May, 2017

    The Runstad Center is sad to announce that Glenn Crellin, former Director of Research for the Runstad Center and long time Director of the Washington Center for Real Estate Research (WCRER) passed away last week at his home in North Carolina. Glenn originally established the WCRER at Washington State University. After over 20 years at […] More

  • UW MSRE Students Attend the ULI Spring Meeting

    22 May, 2017

    The ULI Spring Meeting took place in Seattle this year from May 2-4. The combination of ULI’s stellar growth, the strength of the national real estate sector, and the Seattle market in particular lead to record setting attendance. Amid this flurry of activity, Runstad MSRE students including Taryn Rehn, Will Jaquier, Fred Levine, Will Mentor, […] More

  • 1st Quarter Housing Market Report released

    18 May, 2017

    Washington state’s housing prices have increased 12.1% compared to the first quarter last year, according to a new report from the Washington Center for Real Estate Research here at the Runstad Center. The Center’s findings were discussed further with UW Today. Here’s a preview of the data, in our snapshot for Q1 2017.  The full report can […] More

  • 24-7 Urban Revitalization

    02 May, 2017

    A few months ago, at George Rolfe’s retirement party, an MSRE student gushed, “Oh my god, is that Liz Dunn? We all want to be just like her.” Dunn’s name is synonymous with the sustainable repositioning of beautiful old buildings into some of the coolest urban hubs, so naturally, the next generation of real estate […] More

  • Education Bolsters Education

    What do education and real estate have in common? Rosey Atkinson has the answer. A former mathematics and diversity and social justice teacher in the Mississippi delta, she witnessed first hand a thriving town wilt away. Fewer employment opportunities led to a declining population, which resulted in few resources for public schools, a common theme […] More

  • UW Commercial Real Estate Winter Term Development Project

    The UW Commercial Real Estate certificate program’s winter term development project sees teams of five students tackle hypothetical development opportunities based on real sites and metrics in the Puget Sound Region. Hailed as one of the reasons to take this Certificate Program, this project applies knowledge learned to date towards real, potential projects. The students […] More

  • YPM is the new YUP

    Depending on who you ask, millennials can have a bad rep for being spoiled and demanding, or they can be viewed as leaders of entrepreneurial and innovative ventures. Enter Sean Durkin, a YPM: young professional millennial. He is demanding; he demands the most from himself, and continually moves forward with a creative and engaged mindset. […] More