Education Bolsters Education

May 02, 2017

What do education and real estate have in common? Rosey Atkinson has the answer. A former mathematics and diversity and social justice teacher in the Mississippi delta, she witnessed first hand a thriving town wilt away. Fewer employment opportunities led to a declining population, which resulted in few resources for public schools, a common theme in many smaller towns. Atkinson acknowledges that economically, socially, and physically supporting growth is an incredible challenge and opportunity for planners and developers. “My desire to provide solutions and implement change truly defines me. The biggest thing that teaching taught me is to have a growth mindset. I am a lifelong learner, always looking for ways to improve, and committed to the success of those around me,” she says, “My passion for economic development and the built environment led me to pursue a career in real estate.” Atkinson’s zeal leads her to recognize affordable housing as the most pressing issue facing Seattle development. “People, and social justice issues around equity, should really be the focus of what and why we do what we do in real estate. We need more variety in housing choices that meet the needs of all Seattle residents. Not providing affordable housing choices reduces the diversity of professions, of people. Affordable housing is critical to economic growth, and long term viability.” Atkinson’s passionate voice will undoubtedly be reflected in her future career, as her ideal job has strong commitment to equity and social justice issues.  Atkinson shares, “Ultimately, I want to know that my work is doing good, and that I’m making a positive impact on communities.”