In Memoriam: Glen Crellin

May 24, 2017

The Runstad Center is sad to announce that Glenn Crellin, former Director of Research for the Runstad Center and long time Director of the Washington Center for Real Estate Research (WCRER) passed away last week at his home in North Carolina. Glenn originally established the WCRER at Washington State University. After over 20 years at WSU the center and its housing research transferred to the Runstad Center at UW in 2012. Glenn’s work in real estate research was pioneering in its day and ahead of its time. His reputation for producing high quality data driven research created a model that has been copied in other states and continues to this day in the Runstad Center research activities. He was instrumental in the establishment of real estate as an academic discipline in the State of Washington. Glenn will be greatly missed by his colleagues at UW and the many people throughout the state who worked with him.  His obituary can be found here.


Glenn Crellin and Andrew Hunt share a laugh