Masters of Urban Planning Students

The Specialization is particularly suitable for students whose careers will have them interacting with real estate industry professionals on a regular basis.
For instance, architects and engineers intending to provide design services to real estate developers learn how their future clients make decisions. Planners and public administrators who regulate real estate learn how real estate professionals approach problems allowing regulation and review to more effectively accomplish public purposes.

Specialization in Real Estate (SRE) 

The Specialization in Real Estate is designed to provide Masters of Urban Planning (MUP) students with a solid foundation and a finely-tuned skill set to help them launch or enhance professional planning careers related to real estate.

The Specialization is also offered to graduate students University-wide (outside the MUP), and draws students from across campus to learn team-based problem solving within an interdisciplinary program.

The Specialization may appeal to students pursuing a career in ancillary fields- architecture, engineering, business, law, or public administration- any profession where direct interaction with real estate professionals is intended.


  • A specialization in one area of planning is required of all students
  • A minimum of 17 graduate real estate credits including 3 foundation courses and 2 real estate elective courses


In addition to formal course requirements, only MUP students pursuing the specialization must complete a thesis or professional project.


If scheduling permits, students are encouraged to take additional courses drawn from a list of interdisciplinary electives.


The specific areas of specialization offered within the Department reflect available faculty resources and professional employment opportunities.